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    A Reconsilliation will be sent from Sarec Sports Travel for actuals from the hotel the day after final check out, including nights utilized, commissions, rebates and complimentary nights used by Sarec Sports Travel All commission and rebates should be paid to Sarec Sports Travel within 30 days of receipt of invoice Anthony Travel provides collection tracking for event organizers so both commission and rebate should be paid to Anthony Travel in order for Anthony Travel to track hotel payments and cut one check for all parties; event organizer, team(s), organization(s) Any payments unpaid will result in no future contracting and the hotel will be sent to a collection agency. Interest charges will be applied for invoices open after 30 days Thank you! Our team takes great pride in delivering extraordinary service and is thankful for your support and efforts before, during and after the event. We hope the above check list was helpful to you and your team to running a smooth customer experience.
    Our staff handles the sales period for you and we want to sell your rooms! If there is any information you can provide us that will help us, please send the information to your Sarec Sports Travel contact person You may contact Sarec Sports Travel at any time to request your current pick up numbers or request a modification of the terms If there are any changes to the hotel, key staff or construction, please notify us at: 888-318-1376 as soon as possible If a lower rate is discovered through any outlet, the hotel must honor the lower rate for all existing and future reservations for that contract (excludes corporate, AAA, government rates, etc.) Sarec Sports Travel and ARN will supply individual names and credit cards prior to the cut-off date Please notify all hotel staff of the group and direct all event hotel calls for the group block to Sarec Sports Travel at 888-318-1376
    Please increase front desk staff and other necessary staff on the primary check in date for the large team arrivals as well as multiple teams arriving at the same time Sarec Sports Travel will send cell phone numbers prior to the event. Please confirm and distribute Sarec SPorts Travel on-call numbers (888) 318-1376 x 777 to the front desk staff/MODs to use if any situation arises. Please attempt to book each room in closest proximity as possible at the property for each grouped reservation Please do not make any charges prior to guest arrival and the guest must present individual payment and identification at check in for the reservation Hotel rooms will be available to Sarec Sports Travel guests no later than the check in time listed for the property Please make sure to check the contract to ensure the front desk is prepared to hand out breakfast coupons (if uses) at check in if included The property should be prepared to start breakfast at 6 a.m. each contracted day due to early scheduled events Make sure the staff is prepared for any parking charge, resort fee, or additional fee that has been waived or negotiated into the rate Guests may check out prior to their check out date on any day prior to check out time per the contract Any complimentary rooms earned are only for the use by the event organizers and must be authorized by Sarec Sports Travel
    Please confirm the room types detailed on the contract are correct for the property including pullout and suite information To ensure a lower rate is not found, please make sure any public rates are not lower than the contracted rate and the front desk is aware prior to Sarec Sports Travel making the rooms available to sell (excludes corporate, AAA, government rates, etc.) The rates are set for single through maximum occupancy of each room type contracted unless otherwise noted in the contract All rooms must be non-smoking Please do not accept direct bookings involving the event as this will double book the rooms and the guests will need moved out from the hotel side Cancellations and changes will be accepted by the hotel without charge to Sarec Group LLC or individual guests up to the specified time in the contract Please notify all hotel staff of the group and direct all event hotel calls for the group block to Sarec Sports Travel: 888-318-1376
    Sarec Sports Travel handles ALL guest communication. Please notify all hotel staff of the group and direct all event hotel calls for the group block to Sarec Sports Travel at 888-318-1376 Rooming lists for Confirmations are to be transmitted through the ARN-Sarec Sports Travel Portal. Once the rooming list has been provided, please send a rooming list from the ARN link to Sarec Sports Travel the next business day for accountability purposes The room type specified on the rooming list is a guaranteed room type to the guest and must not be changed by the hotel as only one name is required to hold the room – please only reference the “Room Type”, not the “Bed Type” on the rooming list Please notify Sarec Sports Travel if any rooms do not include credit card or names. Please do not cancel reservations until confirmed by Sarec Sports Travel Any additional room requests after the cut-off date will be accepted at the group rate per the contract After the cut-off date Sarec Sports Travel will send daily changes via email regarding additional rooms, date changes, name changes, cancellations and special requests to be confirmed within 24 hours – if these changes will be handled by a different contact please notify Sarec Sports Travel


Thank you for partnering with Sarec Sports Travel, a division of the SAREC GROUP LLC. We look forward to working with you!

Below is information on our event process that will assist you and answer some questions you may have along the way.

We look forward to handling the event reservations and please make sure your staff forwards all direct hotel calls for the group block to

Sarec Sports Travel at: 888-318-1376. 

Please make sure your front desk staff is notified of our event and asking if guests requesting rooms during the contracted dates are attending a sporting event.


  • Sarec Group Contracts with all International, Managed and Independently owned Hotels that include over 100,000 properties.

  • As one of the fastest growing licensed / Bonded and IATAN accredited​ Travel Agency's, Sarec Sports Travel is proud to Contract with;

  • Marriott / Starwood International

  • Hilton Worldwide

  • InterContinental Hotel Group

  • Wydham Hotel Group

  • Hyatt

  • Choice Hotels 

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